Journalism Clips


Not WeHo, but East L.A.: A new ‘Queer Mercado’ creates an inclusive, safe space, for LGBTQ-owned small businesses in the barrio
L.A. Taco – September 20, 2021

After COVID lockdowns, an essential L.A. community reemerges: the poets
The Los Angeles Times – September 8, 2021

Clubhouse Is Capitalizing on Diverse Content Creators, but Struggling To Meet Their Needs
Rewire – May 21, 2021

RECAP: The last presidential debate
The Daily Forty-Niner – October 25, 2020

Student leaders discuss how Proposition 16 will bring positive changes to higher education through affirmative action
The Daily Forty-Niner – October 20, 2020

Features & Conversations

New to poetry? These poets will help you get started
The Los Angeles Times – September 9, 2021

Kelly Marie Tran: An Inclusive Hollywood
22 West Media – June 2021

First-generation experiences and familial relationships: Q&A with Sheila Sadr on debut poetry book “Birthday Girl”
The Daily Forty-Niner – February 19, 2021

Prison Education Program empowers education within the incarceration system
The Daily Forty-Niner – December 4, 2020

Meet the CSULB recipients of the Sally Cassanova Pre-doctoral Scholars Program
The Daily Forty-Niner – October 19, 2020

Editorials & Opinions

Harry Styles isn’t the leader of a fashion revolution, but neither is Billy Porter
National Public Radio – October 20, 2021

Fear mongering around sports conceals discrimination against the trans community
The Los Angeles Times – August 3, 2021

Sha’Carri Richardson shouldn’t have to apologize for being human
The Los Angeles Times – July 6, 2021

Asians in Arcadia against homeless people? It’s complicated
The Los Angeles Times – July 1, 2021

Expanding college access in California means prioritizing its most vulnerable students
The Los Angeles Times – June 25, 2021

Removing Metro fares will make public transit accessible, but it won’t fix bad service
The Los Angeles Times – June 14, 2021

It’s Time to Take College Student Hunger and Homelessness Seriously
EdSurge – February 18, 2021

This Lunar New Year, I’m Thinking About Asian and Black Solidarity
22 West Magazine – February 2021

Dear white women, stop appropriating my culture for your wellness
The Daily Forty-Niner – February 10, 2021

Asians, the n-word isn’t ours to use, stop saying it
The Daily Forty-Niner – February 4, 2021

Ode to my queerness: I’ll never stop “coming out”
The Daily Forty-Niner – January 21, 2021

Art belongs to all of us
The Daily Forty-Niner – January 17, 2021

Hey CSULB, listen to your students about grading for fall 2020
The Daily Forty-Niner – December 16, 2020

‘We the People’ saved ourselves this election
The Daily Forty-Niner – November 9, 2020

The Presidential Debate: If you were surprised, you haven’t been paying attention to the past four years
The Daily Forty-Niner – October 2, 2020

‘You’re so polite’
The Daily Forty-Niner – September 16, 2020

AB 1460: A way of understanding history and possibilities for the future
The Daily Forty-Niner – August 28, 2020


Movie Review: Nomadland
22 West Magazine – March 2021

Watching “Happiest Season” was the most unhappy time
22 West Magazine – December 7 2020