Making Our Homes

Los Angeles County is home to 1.48 million residents who identify as Asian. It is also home to two distinct and unique Asian American communities less than 13 miles from one another — Cambodia Town and Little India.

Richer and Sithea San arrived in the U.S. as refugees, eventually settling in Long Beach like many other Cambodians. They’ve spent more than a decade building up and supporting their community, whether that’s fighting for the official naming of Cambodia Town or advocating for Cambodian-owned businesses.

Aman Batra was born and raised in Artesia’s Little India, where her family owned a “Bombay Spices” store on Pioneer Boulevard. As an adult, she looks back at her upbringing as a first-generation Indian American and what it means for her to be connected to her family’s culture and the communities that she’s fostered throughout the years.

Director, producer, editor credit. Special thanks to Dr. Barbara Grossman Thompson, my thesis advisor. Completed as part of my senior thesis graduation requirement.
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