Poetry & Prose


“An Algorithm Matches Me With a Nice Girl and I Tell Her”, “Made in China”, and “Where I prove by induction, humanity” published in The Rumpus

“Towards fidelity” published in Lantern Review, Issue 9.2

“Assimilation” and “Thanks, but the role of white girl is already taken” published in TaiwaneseAmerican.org

“object permanence” published in Interpose

“This body is (not) a virus” published in MiGoZine

“Wretched” and “the next six months” published in Scribendi 2021 Vol. 35

“Cutie” published in the Pandemic Post Issue No. 5

“Hopeful Branches” poem published in Sienna Solstice: Issue I

“Girl in Isolation”, “Cutie”, and “Orderly Worship” poems published in YouthSpeaks’s anthology, Between My Body and the Air


“Five Asian Diasporic Writers on the Pandemic Present and the Possibilities of Flash Fiction” in Literary Hub

“99 Ranch” non-fiction published in Blue Marble Review

“Queerantine Sermon” flash fiction published in the Margins