Upcoming & Past Events

All upcoming events are free unless otherwise stated.




March 2022

Wednesday, March 2; 6 pm – 7 pm
Online RSVP | Poetry in Color: A Virtual Slam Inspired by Chinese Contemporary Art

Saturday, March 12; 12:00 pm
In-person RSVP | Poetics of Journalism Workshop at the Compound

Friday, March 18th; 1 pm – 2 pm
Online RSVP | Cruising the Capacious poetry lab

Saturday, March 26; 3:00 pm
In-person + $3 donation | Music show + poetry reading
230 S Ave 57 Los Angeles, CA 90042

December 2021

Sunday, December 12th; 4:00 pm
Online RSVP | WeHo Reads: Carla Sameth’s “What Is Left” Book Launch & Poetry Reading

November 2021

Saturday November 13th – December 5th
Durden and Ray Opening Night Performance 6 -10 pm

CANCELED Sunday November 14th; 6-8:30 pm
Emceeing Open Mic at Junior High

October 2021

Monday October 11th; 6:00 pm
Featuring at Teofilo Coffee House for National Coming Out Day

Friday October 15th; 6:00 pm
Featuring at TRASH MAG & Sleeze Hog’s Queer Night of Expression at Junior High

September 2021

Sunday September 12th; 6-8:30 pm
Emceeing Open Mic at Junior High featuring poet Ravina Wadhwani

August 2021

Friday August 27th; 7 pm PST
Featuring at the Definitive Soapbox – Zoom

July 2021

Wednesday July 7th; 6 pm PT
AAJA-LA Creative Writing and Journalism Panel

Saturday July 17th; 7 pm PST
High Beams – Torrance Art Museum

June 2021

June 11th-13th
Poetry Hotline with Pride Poets

Friday June 18th; 7-9 pm PST
Emceeing Open Mic Event at Junior High featuring poet Sheila Sadr

May 2021

Saturday May 15th; 4:30 pm
“On Becoming” opening night – at Avenue 50

Friday May 24; 7 pm PST
Online RSVP | Bird and Beckett Online Open Mic